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Moncton Movers - Moncton Moving Guide

As someone who is thinking of relocating to Moncton it might interest you to note that Moncton has recently succeeded in diversifying its economic base and strengthening its local economy. As a result, young, skilled and upwardly mobile workers are moving to Moncton to enjoy the higher incomes and increased employment opportunities it can offer. With its unique cultural blend of French Acadian and Maritime hospitality, Moncton assures the newcomers years of superior quality of life and low cost of living which every one finds attractive. This is perhaps a good enough reason for relocating to Moncton. With a population of 117,727 Moncton is a city in the New Brunswick province. Here are a few good reasons why doing business in Moncton makes good sense:

- Advantageous R&D tax credits and incentives

- About 40% of the Moncton workforce is fluently bilingual

- Major distribution and telecommunication centre built upon fiber optic expertise of Alliant

- Greater Moncton International Airport is a significant transportation hub and can handle enormous traffic and cargo shipment.

Moncton Movers is proud to have its headquarters in this cosmopolitan hub of New Brunswick. We have years of experience in handling both domestic and official relocation from various parts of Canada as well as the US. We have a loyal base of customers 95% of whom have referred their friends and colleagues for seeking relocation support from Moncton Movers. One of our biggest strengths is customization of relocation solutions. None of our relocation packages are similar and each package is worked out according to the specific needs and budget of the customer. It is no wonder that so many thousands of customers all over the country find the serves of Moncton Movers so user-friendly and compatible with their needs and budget allocation. We offer extremely attractive off season discounts to our customers. Our discount schemes are operable on nearly all our service areas including storage, one-way truck rentals, moving and storage pods, and others. Many of our customers have also gained from our senior citizen discounts. Before moving to Moncton, give a call or send e mail to Moncton Movers for accessing multiple moving quotes from 5 reputed Moncton moving companies. You could then check and compare the quotes to come to an informed decision. All quotations are given in writing after physical inspection of the volume of goods to be shipped. Moncton Movers offer a wide range of relocation services simply ask us what services you wish to have and we can provide it readily. Here are some interesting facts about Moncton which will make you more familiar with the city:

- Population Greater Moncton: 117,727 (100%)

- Language Distribution: Anglophone 74,450 (64%); Francophone 38,710 (33%); French & English 1,205 (1%); Other 1,445 (1.2%)

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Make an exploratory trip to your new city of residence to look for a suitable home. You can also look for a suitable school for your kids and a job for your spouse.

Please feel free to send us an e-mail if you need any guidance about moving Canada. We have been helping our customers to find the best Canada Movers for years.


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