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Using PODS Moving and Storage

If you have relocated in the recent past or even shifted office, you have perhaps heard of the term ‘pods’ being mentioned everywhere. What are these pods and what does it stand for? A pod is an acronym for Portable on Demand Storage – one of the newest innovations which add to the convenience and efficiency in the world of moving and storage. Some people call it moving storage pods, pods storage moving or even pods storage unit. Whatever name you give it, storage pods offer you the best of both worlds – moving and storing with convenience and at your own time. In case you are wondering what these moving storage pods are made from, they are built on a steel frame construction with a marine grade plywood interior and an aluminum skin on the outside. The translucent top allows daylight loading and is made from specially engineered durable and sturdy polymer, which makes the pods storage unit weather resistant. The pods storage has been constructed in such a way that it can withstand a wind speed of 110 mph when it is partially filled.

If you are new to the world of moving and storage and wondering in what way are these moving storage pods differ from other traditional moving and storage options, simply study the way it works and you can get your answer. The main difference between pods and other storage containers lie in convenience of use. Firstly the moving storage pods are brought at your door step whenever you ‘demand’. The floor level of these pods is at ground level so there is no walking up any ramp with loads in your hands. You can simply walk right in. This is a great relief when you are self packing and loading as the level of the pods makes loading stress or strain-free. The next operation is the lifting of the pods storage system using hydraulics which raises the storage pod on to the truck. Depending on the customer need, the pods moving and storage unit is either transported to a pre-scheduled destination or stored in one of the pods storage company’s storage centers.

Usually the safety and security of the goods contained in these moving storage pods is one of the main concern areas of customers. Once you have loaded the pods moving and storage unit you will have to key to operate it. While all the pods storage centers are equipped with the most modern security arrangements, even the moving storage pods delivery trucks are equipped with a patented lifting system which minimizes any shift or jerk to your goods contained within, while the portable storage pods are in transit.

So with storage pods, you not only can store and move at your own time and convenience, you can organize your relocation completely without any stress or hassle

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Possible Discounts — If you work for a large enough company where it is common place for employees to relocate, it is possible the employer may have established a discount rate for volume with California movers.

If your employer is not paying for you move and if you work for a large company, inquire with Human Resources to determine any savings or discounts to which you are entitled.

Whatever reason you choose for hiring a California moving company, always check their references and inquire within government organizations to ensure, the CA mover has all the proper documentation and licensing in place. Although a professional move with a moving company in San Francisco will benefit you, it is important to do your research in advance.


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