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While relocation can be a stressful experience whether you are moving to the next state or any neighboring country, thankfully if you are planning moving to Canada, or more specifically, moving to Ontario, there is plenty of help and assistance available online. Firstly when you are moving to a new country, it is extremely helpful to know the basics of the country as well as where and how you can avail of some of the most important primary assistance areas like a new home, healthcare, schools and other emergency services like police and hospitals. You could have a host of such helpful information from the Government of Canada’s official websites as well as several other private websites who are helping people thousands of people who are moving to Ontario, Canada.

But before you move to Ontario, your relocation can be more meaningful if you are aware of some of the basic information and historical background of the new city or country of destination. For instance, where did the name ‘Ontario’ origin from? "Ontario" is a derivative of the Iroquois word "Kanadario". After translation, this means "sparkling water". When you land in Ontario you will find the true reason why it is named after ‘sparkling water’ as it is bordered on the south by the Great Lakes and on the north by Hudson Bay, nestled between the provinces of Quebec and Manitoba. In fact, over one-sixth of its terrain, 177,390 square kilometers, is covered by rivers and lakes. The major cities in the province of Ontario are Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Niagara Region, Kitchener, London, Windsor, Sudbury, Sault Ste Marie and Thunder Bay. The total area of Ontario spans over a million square kilometers.

Ontario’s past is as interesting as its present. During 1774, Southern Ontario was part of the British colony of Quebec when the province was ruled by the British. Prior to this, Ontario’s natives were the Iroquois and Algonquin Indians who first encountered the European explorers, fur traders and missionaries during the early 1600s. Later the region of Ontario was renamed ‘Upper Canada’ in contrast to Quebec, a region called ‘Lower Canada’. This continued till 1867 when the Dominion of Canada was formed and Ontario got back its original name for the province.

Ontario accommodates over 10 million residents and is considered to be one of the most populated provinces of the country. While Toronto is the capital city of Ontario, it is also one of the most ethnically diverse cities of the country. Toronto is home to the headquarters of many manufacturing companies. The majority of people in Ontario live around a place called the ‘Golden Horseshoe’ located at the western tip of Lake Ontario that joins Toronto with Hamilton and Niagara Falls. Located on the eastern end of Ontario is Ottawa the national capital, home to over a million residents. Sudbury is an important city famous for nickel mining.

Before moving to Ontario you could visit the sites: or, a site managed by the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI). These sites provide excellent information on a wide range of topics including community and recreation programs, education, healthcare, employment, language training, housing etc.

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Make an exploratory trip to your new city of residence to look for a suitable home. You can also look for a suitable school for your kids and a job for your spouse.

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