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Quebec Movers - Quebec Moving Guide

Bordered by Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and several American states, Quebec is the largest province in Canada, spanning an area of 1,450,680 square kilometers. Before moving to Quebec Canada, it would be a wise decision to know as much about the country, its people, its history and geography so that you can meaningfully relate to the situation around you. While the province’s two major cities are Montreal and Quebec city, the St. Lawrence river is perhaps the most prominent and important geographical feature of the province. There are plenty of lakes and rivers which are located all along the river’s lowlands, while the Hudson’s Bay is the most important feature of the northwest part of Quebec. The forests which cover most of Quebec’s northern part are some of the largest in the world. Originally the province was inhabited by the Algonquin and Iroquois Aboriginal people in the southern part while the Inuit occupied the north. The fur trade invited innumerable French and British colonists during the early part of the history of the province. The city of Quebec was founded in 1608 and soon became the fortified capital of New France. Subsequently the province of Quebec was created as part of the new Dominion of Canada in 1867.

After moving to Quebec Canada, the influence of the French might surprise you. You could attribute it to the past concern of the Quebeckers or Quebecois as the local people are called to ensure that the French culture survives. This area of concern has been central through out the history of the province. In fact, the French connection is also responsible for Canada’s typical bilingual character as well as cultural variety. French is the primary language of the province as made mandatory by the strict language legislation of the province. As mentioned earlier, the St. Lawrence river is central to the population of Quebec as more than 80% of the people live in urban pockets located all along the river’s route. While Montreal boasts of a population of over 2.5 million, Quebec city is the capital of the province and also its third largest city.

The province got its name from a native word which means ‘where the river narrows’. This perhaps describes the precise location of the province. Quebec City is geographically located 250 kilometers east of Montreal and about 850 kilometers north of New York City. One of the important aspects to know before you are planning moving to Quebec is that the province is know for its rapidly growing economy and is famous for its achievements in the fields of high technology, information technology, and culture. The province is home to plenty of research centers and the well-known Laval University.

When you are moving to Quebec Canada, you must make it a point to witness some of their annual festivals, some of which make even international headlines. These include: Québec Summer Festival, Québec Winter Carnival, Expo-Québec (agricultural and business fair), New France Days, Plein-Art (arts and crafts), Carrefour international de theater, the Québec International Book Show, Estival Juni'Art (young talent), etc.

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