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Manitoba Movers - Manitoba Moving Guide

It is no wonder that Manitoba is one of the most culturally diverse and rich places of the world. Take a glimpse at its history over the centuries and you will know why. Aboriginal population of Manitoba was joined by the Scottish Selkirk settlers in 1811. This was followed by the arrival of the English and French Canadians after confederation in 1870, followed by Russian Mennonites, Icelanders, Ukrainians and Germans in subsequent years. After the Second World War, additional immigration took place from Europe and most recently the population is enriched by enriched immigrants from the Caribbean, South America, Africa and Asia. If you have noticed, Manitoba has people from every continent and practically every country of the world. The capital city is Winnipeg where the population is 633,451 whereas the total population of Manitoba stood at 1148401 two years ago. If the motto of Manitoba is any inspiration to you while your are relocating to this province of Canada, it is Glorious Et Liber (Glorious and Free), which speaks a lot about the overall environment and living standards of this glorious place on earth.

Now that you are contemplating relocating to Manitoba, we at Manitoba Movers extend our hearty welcome. We are here to serve all your relocation needs, ranging from accessing moving quotes from other reputed Manitoba moving companies, storage rentals, truck rentals, moving labor, moving and storage pods, self-moving, packing and moving supplies and many more. We are a licensed and registered moving company in Manitoba and have been at the service of thousands of relocating families for the past many decades. For all your relocation need, simply leave us your contact details and we will send our professional relocation representative who can discuss all the relevant details with you and if necessary, will also undertake a physical inspection of your premises to provide you with the most realistic moving quote. At Manitoba movers we undertake all sizes of relocation and at varying distances. To us, all customers get equal attention and priority. We also have relocation financing schemes where you could avail of easy financial schemes which can lessen the financial load during relocation. we believe in providing you with all the relevant information about the city you are relating to so that you do not feel like a newbie when you arrive at the new city of destination. Here are some interesting facts about Manitoba:

Manitoba occupies 6.5% of the total Canada’s land area.

The second-largest city after Winnipeg is Brandon.

Flin Flon in the north is a mining centre.

Manitoba is in the Central Standard time zone and lies six hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

It has a continental climate, with great temperatures extremes. The mean January temperature in Winnipeg is about -20C; the July average is about 19C. Wide variations from average values are common in all seasons.

Most of southern Manitoba receives 110-140 cm of snow annually.

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Make an exploratory trip to your new city of residence to look for a suitable home. You can also look for a suitable school for your kids and a job for your spouse.

Please feel free to send us an e-mail if you need any guidance about moving Canada. We have been helping our customers to find the best Canada Movers for years.


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