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Halifax Movers - Halifax Moving Guide

Founded in 1749, Halifax is also called the 'Birthplace of British Canada' and is known as the "City of Trees" and the "City of Firsts". Capital of Nova Scotia, Greater Halifax has a population of 340,000 which is over one third of Nova Scotia's total. An international city, Halifax has been ranked as one of Canada's top 5 'Smart Cities' and is Canada's second largest scientific center after Ottawa over and above being a leading North American Container Port. Halifax is known internationally as being the home of world's third largest Oceanographic Institute is located - the Bedford Institute of Oceanography. The importance of the ocean is evident from the city’s official motto which reads: "Riches from the sea." Halifax is not only one of the major North American medical centers it is also considered the financial center of Eastern Canada. Acting as Canada's major naval base, Halifax is one of North America's most popular convention sites, making tourism a major industry. if you are a yachting enthusiast, your relocation to Halifax can be more meaningful as Halifax and the adjoining area are host to five fine yacht clubs.

If you are looking for prime movers of this region, you could bank on Halifax Movers, one of the premier moving companies who have nearly every leading moving supplier as business affiliate. This means that you just need to interact with one company Halifax Movers and we can get all the other moving needs under one roof. For instance, your relocations can be ranging from storage space, truck rentals, moving labor, to moving and storage pods, self-moving options, easy financial support, discounted packing supplies and more. at Halifax Movers we offer all these services and more. This single-counter business opportunity is at your service without any obligation or extra cost. All relocation packages are customized to suit individual needs. Our financial schemes have been found country-wide acceptance from customers who have found this to be extremely convenient to meet the extra relocation expenses. All the competitive moving quotes from other reputed Halifax moving companies are available at the simple click of a button on your computer and all these estimates are given based on the information that you provide us. Before moving to Halifax, it would be nice to know more about the city and its surroundings. Here are some quick facts:

- Citizens of Halifax are called Haligonians

- Because of Rudyard Kipling’s following words - "Into the mist my guardian prows put forth, Behind the mist my virgin ramparts lie; the warden of the Honor of the North, Sleepless and veiled am I", Halifax is historically known as the "Warden of the North".

- Halifax is famous for many Firsts and Oldest for Canada, some of which are:

- Canada was the First permanent British Settlement in 1749

- Protestant Church and Cathedral - 1750

- Newspaper - 1752

- Printed Book - 1752

- University: Kings College - 1789

- Founding of the Bank of Nova Scotia - 1832

- Public Gardens - The finest Victorian in North America - 1836

- Science Institute - 1862

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