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Fredericton Movers - Fredericton Moving Guide

If you are relocating to Fredericton for business reasons, you might be pleased to know that this capital city of New Brunswick was named “One of the Best Cities for Export” by the Globe & Mail Report on Business Magazine and the “Best City for Business” by Canadian Business. Of course if you already have experience having invested in its sophisticated commercial environment, you should be fully aware why it is an investor’s paradise. With a population of 125,000, Fredericton provides world class education and research facilities people find relocating to this city makes a lot of business sense as it promises something for everyone. In the predominantly entrepreneurial spirit of Fredericton gives many people a good enough reason for relocating to this capital city. You could also expect a superior quality of life in Fredericton. Picturesque surroundings, coupled with a family-friendly community make Fredericton a good place to live in. Fredericton is also favorable in terms of its location; it is situated within easy driving distance of Montreal and the main US north-south artery.

Your relocation to this engineering capital of Canada, Fredericton, can be made smooth and hassle-less if only you choose a moving company who has the necessary expertise and local knowledge of Fredericton. Who else does one think of except Fredericton Movers – the number moving company of Fredericton, who is licensed, registered and one of the most well-known in the region? From moving quotes, truck rental, moving labor, packing and moving supplies, and storage facilities – you simply have to mention your relocation needs to Fredericton Movers and half your problems are already taken care of. Considering there are so much influx of fresh investors in Fredericton in the recent past, that we have proactively opened up a specialist cell within Fredericton Movers – who have the special expertise of moving office. Business relocation needs are slightly different from domestic relocation and at Fredericton Movers we are fully equipped to move your office equipment irrespective of the size of your business. Simply call us or send Fredericton Movers an e mail and leave the rest of the relocation to us. We will ensure that your domestic or business relocation can take place in the most cost effective manner.

Before you relocate to Fredericton, it would make sense if you knew the city better. Here are some interesting highlights about Fredericton:

- Fredericton is Canada’s municipal leader in developing a broadband wireless computer network, the country’s first free wireless city

- Canada’s largest per capita engineering cluster

- Home to over 70% of the province’s knowledge-based industry

- Over 50 R&D affiliations, including the National Research Council

- Two highly acclaimed universities and several training colleges produce a skilled workforce — University of New Brunswick research currently stands at $38 million

- A vibrant entrepreneurial community – 1 business for every 14 people

- Experiencing a prolonged "boom" with the highest level of building activity in history

- Greater Fredericton Airport offers daily direct service to major markets, including Boston, Montreal and Toronto

- Abundant recreational amenities, short commutes, a low crime rate, affordable housing and the lowest property tax rate in New Brunswick

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Make an exploratory trip to your new city of residence to look for a suitable home. You can also look for a suitable school for your kids and a job for your spouse.

Please feel free to send us an e-mail if you need any guidance about moving Canada. We have been helping our customers to find the best Canada Movers for years.


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