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Calgary Movers - Calgary Moving Guide

If you are moving to Calgary as part of a local or national move, consider Calgary Movers who can put together all the different aspects of your move, be it small or big, or domestic or official. When moving to a new country for the first time, apprehensions are normal. You are unaware of the city of destination, its people, culture, weather, amenities and more so you are disturbed whether you will find the right moving company who can help your with your relocation without any problem and which can be within your relocation budget. Calgary movers are the right place for you to visit. We have, as our business associates, a host of Calgary moving companies who can help you with any volume of consignment and irrespective of the speed with which you want your relocation to be complete. We have several Canadian moving companies working with us, who have special proficiency in the Calgary region and can assist you in areas like self moving, Calgary pods and storage, Calgary packing supplies and more. So without any delay, simply tell Calgary movers what your relocation requirements are and we can arrange up to 4 moving quotes from leading Calgary moving companies which you can check and compare and take an informed decision. Calgary movers can make special arrangements for senior citizens, expedite moving and our website has a host of other information which can be of help during your Calgary relocation. Here are some interesting and quick facts about Calgary:
The city of Calgary is located at the confluence of the Bow & Elbow Rivers, in southwest corner of the province of Alberta, 220 km (132 miles) north of the USA boundary.

Average daily temperature in July 16.5 C and January -10 C

Calgary lies where the western prairies meet the Rocky Mountain foothills and it is only a 30 to 40 minute drive into the mountains

Calgary is now the second largest municipality in Canada (in terms of sq km area).

It was rated the cleanest city in the world in 2003 amongst 215 cities.

After a devastating fire in 1886 builders began using native sandstone that was easily quarried and carved thus earning the name “Sandstone City”.

There are more than 4000 high-tech companies in Calgary.

A total of 96 corporate headquarters are located here making it the second largest head office city in the country.

Calgary is the third most ethnically diverse population in Canada.

A 60% rate of post secondary education is the highest in the country.

The city has more than 8000 hectares of parkland.

The largest city in Alberta

Its population count in 2007 was 1,000,000.

It is the 3rd most expensive city in Canada after Toronto and Vancouver in terms of overall cost of living and 4th in terms of cost of housing. Calgary is a transportation / distribution hub and is the financial center of western Canada. It is also the headquarters of Canada's oil and natural gas industries.

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Make an exploratory trip to your new city of residence to look for a suitable home. You can also look for a suitable school for your kids and a job for your spouse.

Please feel free to send us an e-mail if you need any guidance about moving Canada. We have been helping our customers to find the best Canada Movers for years.


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